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Regular Routine Maintenance


We have the skills and resources to create professional films. Whether you want a corporate promotional film or a record of a conference.

Regular maintenance ensures sound performance of your vehicle long after the warranty has expired.

Did you know that:

Our brake inspection services involve complete examination of your vehicle’s anti-lock or regular brake system, including:

  •    your routine maintenance does not necessarily have to be performed by a dealer?
  •    we are qualified and competent to perform all your routine maintenance needs?
  •    to maintain a warranty on your automobile, the manufacturer will require routine maintenance records?

At Top Gear Auto Shop, we provide all types of repair and maintenance services that your vehicle can possibly require. Some of these services include (but are not restricted to):

Quick Lube, Oil and Filter Change

Your vehicle’s engine requires proper lubrication at regular intervals to run smoothly. We will replace engine oil and oil filter periodically as per your vehicle’s maintenance schedule. We will also lube your vehicle’s chassis as and when required.


If you’re having problems starting your vehicle, we will perform a computerized battery starting/charging test for you. The results of this test will show how well your battery is performing. If an existing battery can be set right, we’ll do that for you. And if you need a new battery, we'll replace it with a durable battery that is ideally suited for your vehicle.


We carry some of the best and most durable belts in the business. They have been specially designed to give you years of trouble-free driving pleasure.

Fuel Injection Cleaning

We will ensure that the entire fuel system, including the air intake system, is properly cleaned. This will enhance engine’s life, and help eliminate rough idle and knocking. It will also increase engine power and performance, and you will experience better acceleration.

Tire Rotation

We will ensure that your vehicle’s tires perform at their peak. We will rotate them periodically whenever it is time for them to be rotated. Most tire manufacturers recommend that the tires be rotated every 6000 miles. We will also let you know whether they need to be replaced, or require wheel alignment or balancing.

Tune Up

Regardless of what vehicle you drive, it needs proper tune ups to operate at its peak. We will ensure that your vehicle performs at it best by ensuring that the spark plugs, distributor caps, points, rotors, and condensers are always working properly, and never overdue for replacement.

State Inspections

We provide State Vehicle inspection that are in accordance with state specifications. We are fully equipped to determine whether your vehicle meets these standards. We will undertake all necessary repairs to ensure that your vehicle passes the inspection.

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Electric car loading

We have the skills and resources to create professional films. Whether you want a corporate promotional film or a record of a conference.

Restart and repair service

Whether you require large banners and posters to promote your company or some more subtle letter heads and business cards.

Speed and engine testing

We can create a brand that stands out and truly reflects your business and the message you want to convey.