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We specialize in alignment repair and services for cars, trucks and RVs, both foreign and domestic.

We can create a brand that stands out and truly reflects your business and the message you want to convey.

At Top Gear, we service all types of Alignment!

Your nearby Top Gear center’s technicians know all about the latest alignment control systems, and they know how to weed out those external problems that can seem like a bad alignment.

Which means, when you bring your vehicle drive Alignment problem to your local Top Gear center, you’ll never pay for a new alignment unless you really need one. That’s our promise to you.

Wheel Alignment can be thrown off by

  • » Bumping into concrete parking stalls
  • » Fair wear and tear
  • » Hitting the curb
  • » Pot holes

Types of Alignment

  • » front-end alignment
  • » thrust angle alignment
  • » four-whee alignment

We Do Alignment

These Problems Could Indicate That You Need Alignment Service!

Vehicle pulling to the left or rightt

We Specialize in Alignment Repair & Services.

Uneven air pressure is a very common reason for a vehicle to pull to one side. When the pressure in a tire is lower on one side, the height of the tire changes. This causes the wheel alignment to change. ... A low rear tire can also change front wheel alignment and cause a pull

Uneven or rapid tire wear.

We Specialize in Alignment Repair & Services.

We have to preface this by saying that most uneven wear is caused by misalignment. However, if you align the car and the tires still have uneven wear, the vehicle will often still pull. This is one of the reasons that there has to be a distinction made between a pull caused by wear and one caused by alignment. Granted, the alignment may have caused the wear, but then the wear can cause the pull. There are two main types of uneven wear that can cause your vehicle to pull: Cupping, and wear on one side. "Cupping" is a term for a wear pattern where the tread blocks along the circumference of the tire have high and low spots. One type of cupping can be caused by rear wheel misalignment of front wheel drive cars. Another, more common type of cupping is the norm for the front on four wheel drives and some commercial vehicles. The second type is also seen on some passenger cars but is less common. In either case this type of wear can definitely cause the vehicle to pull. In most cases, the only thing that can be done for this type of wear is to keep the tires rotated. Granted, this can cause a shake also, but that's a different article..

Squealing tires

We Specialize in Alignment Repair & Services.

A possible cause for squeaking tyres is uneven tread wear of the front tyres. If this is cause, you may also experience that the car is pulling to one side or wandering while driving. When the squeak is accompanied by a rattle, it is most likely due to a loose wheel cover.

Your steering wheel is crooked when driving straight

We Specialize in Alignment Repair & Services.

The car drives straight. I can take my hands off the wheel at any speed and it will pretty much go straight in a line. No real pull at all. But I've noticed that to drive straight the steering wheel must be turned a wee bit clockwise. Not much, just a couple degrees. I have no clue if it was like this before hitting the pipe...never noticed it. Would the steering wheel turn indicate an alignment problem? The car is at 130K miles now, and hasn't been aligned since at least the 90K mile mark or possibly longer. Can the car still drive straight with no pull but be wearing the tires unevenly? I'd rather avoid paying for an alignment if I can avoid it.